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Today's Technology Challenges

We live and work in a society that is dominated by technology. Technology is everywhere we go and has become so intertwined with our daily activities that we have trouble comprehending how to function without it. Even basic activities such as making a purchase at a store require Internet access to computer databases. This penetration has been driven by the increasing available of powerful Internet services, mobile devices, and easy-to use applications.

The volume, variety, and velocity of technology growth present unprecedented challenges to businesses, government organizations, and private citizens. Understanding what these evolving technologies are about, and how they should be used requires a basic understanding of these complex technologies, where, when, and how they should be used.

Hot Tech Topics

This website was created by members of BCT's Knowledge Innovation Trust (KIT) as a platform to share information on timely technology topics: Hot Tech Topics.

The discussions in these topics are intended to provide an initial overview for an interested reader, not just a technical professional. They are designed as a quick read for decision-makers, readers who need a high-level understanding of the topic, or for someone who needs to get up-to-speed.

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