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Dr. Myron L. Cramer
Co-Founder, Sr. Vice President, Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Cramer is a Co-Founder, Senior Vice President, and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for BCT. He brings over 40 years of academic and industry experience and provides technical guidance for BCT. He brings a demonstrated ability to serve DoD and Intelligence Community customers and is a key focal point and participant in the design and documentation of advanced information technology (IT) architectures for new IC enterprise facilities, including Data Centers, Communication Centers, Campus Area Networks, End-User, and other systems including all components within an integrated enterprise infrastructure.

He was one of the founding business managers at The Windermere Group and served as Vice President of the Information Assurance business area. Following the acquisition of Windermere by the Essex Corporation, he served as an Executive Officer of the Essex Corporation until its acquisition by Northrop Grumman Space and Mission Systems Corporation. He served as leader, coordinator, and focal point for the conception, design, development, specification, integration of the Windermere/Essex Cyber Innovation Center in Millersville, Maryland. He assembled the people, hardware and software systems, and infrastructure facilities to host and operate the premier facility for test, evaluation, and demonstration of advanced research in computer network operations (CNO).

He is a recognized leader in advanced technology programs. His experience spans many areas of technology and operations, including information systems and software applications; operational requirements analysis; engineering research, and development.

Dr. Cramer has held previous management positions with SAIC, Booz, Allen & Hamilton, and ARINC Research Corporation.

As a faculty member at the Georgia Tech Research Institute, he led investigations in Competitive Information Technologies, a program addressing the competitive perspective of information technologies as they relate to government and business. This area is known as Information Warfare or Information Operations; it includes techniques and technologies to gain competitive advantages over competitors and adversaries. As Senior Faculty Leader for the Secure Information Systems New Initiatives Group he developed new programs in network security, such as a new concept in real-time intrusion detection. He was a faculty member in the "Information Revolution" research and education project addressing the consequences of the new Information Age. For commercial sponsors, he led an independent evaluation of the original internet banking application and evaluated a new internet service offering from a major regional Internet Service Provider. He founded and led GTRI's Software Process Working Group to implement Carnegie Mellon CMM software engineering processes.

Dr. Cramer holds Ph.D. and Master of Science degrees in Physics from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor of Science in Physics.