KIT Biographies

Philip H. Remsberg
Vice President of Strategic Planning & Specialized Consulting

Mr. Remsberg brings over 35 years of intelligence analysis and information technology (IT) management experience to BCT, where he leads the BCT Strategic Planning & Specialized Consulting Business Unit. His Mission related experience and support to the NSA CIO Office as a Special Advisor and the author and owner of the Agency's Information Technology Modernization Plan has uniquely distinguished him as a national asset for developing and publishing complex IT Road Maps for our customers. Mr. Remsberg's mission planning skills and vision developed as an Analyst supporting critical missions uniquely qualify him to analyze disparate organizational components and activities and produce coherent plans including critical success factors for mission goals and objectives.

Mr. Remsberg experience includes support to a forward leaning program's Program Management Office to provide guidance on program focus and approach to solve difficult challenges. He retired as the Senior IT Strategic Planner in the Office of the CIO where he was responsible for developing and maintaining CIO Information Technology Modernization Plans which defined and promulgated the Vision for the Agency's Information Technology Infrastructure as well as the Road Map in place today. He developed and defended a significant budget and insured infrastructure expenditures were consistent with the plans. He was the CIO's POC for IT responses to Congressional Intelligence Staff queries. Mr. Remsberg brings exceptional depth in the areas of Technology modernization and development of the metrics to support ROI.