Knowledge Innovation Trust

Our Knowledge Innovation Trust (KIT) formalizes an initiative we have operated for several years at BCT. KIT was formed to provida a rapid channel and source of senior-level specialty skills, and independent research. KIT provides a rapid channel to a source of senior-level specialty skills and is prepared to:

  • Tackle challenging problems to augment the BCT workforce
  • Create Tutorials on Topics of Interest
  • Independently research newly emerging and trending topics/issues of interest

Research Topics

Representative projects include a set of "hot topics" tutorials published on BCT's Knowledge Base website:

Areas of current interest include:

  • Agile Acquisition, FARs, Alpha Contracting, Innovation in Contracting
  • Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Cloud Computing, Cloud Security
  • Cybersecurity Operations (CSO), Cyberspace
  • Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM)


KIT's membership includes experts with senior-level experience and speciality skills who are interested in challenging problems that provide enhanced support to our staff and customers in areas on strategic importance.

Dr. Myron L. Cramer. Over 40 years of academic and industry experience in DoD and Defense Intelligence advanced technology programs. Biosketch

Deborah A. Green. Over 35 years of Government Contracting and Acquisition experience and an Air Force veteran. Biosketch

Ralph D. Hendrix. Over 30 years of Government and industrial experience in intelligence research and development and in information technology programs. Biosketch

John W. Olson. Over 42 years of military and civilian Intelligence Community experience in advanced engineering technologies, including management of large Information Technology (IT) organizations. Biosketch

Philip H. Remsberg. Over 50 years Government and industry experience in intelligence analysis, research, and information technology management, and strategic planning. BCT Knowledge Base Curator. Biosketch

Propose a Topic

If you know of a topic or issue that is a candidate for the KIT engagement, please contact us. We are always open to new ideas. Just send a message to .