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Artificial Intelligence (AI) - What Do These Terms Mean?
Artificial Intelligence Definition Types Examples and Technologies
Wikipedia: Outline of artificial intelligence
Wikipedia: Expert System
Tech Target: Expert System
Wikipedia: Data Mining
Datamation: What Is Data Mining?
Data Mining Best Examples
What is Big Data Analytics - definition, meaning, examples
The Power of Crunching Big Data Effectively
Whatis: Augmented Analytics
Augmented analytics - What you need to know for 2019
Gartner: Augmented Analytics Ready for Prime Time
Wikipedia: Predicative Analytics
What Is Predictive Analytics?
Predictive Analytics Definition Whatis
Wikipedia: Machine Learning
What is Machine Learning? A definition
The simplest explanation of machine learning you’ll ever read
Clean data for machine learning is key to successful AI
Deep Learning Definition Investopedia
Deep Learning - Wikipedia
Deep Learning - 10 Things You Should Know
Wikipedia: Artificial Neural Network
Artificial Neural Network (ANN) - Definition
Artificial Neural Networks Innate Brain-Like Structure Could Bolster Deep Learning
Cognitive Computing Definition WhatIs
Cognitive Computing Definition - Cognitive Computing Consortium
Whats the Difference Between Cognitive Computing and AI?
Artificial General Intelligence
Is "general AI" a pipe dream?
What is artificial general intelligence (general AI/AGI)?
Artificial general intelligence (AGI): The steps to true AI


Cloud Platforms

Google: Introduction to Cloud ML Engine
IBM Drives Watson AI Everywhere
Infosys Launches Infosys Nia - The Next Generation Integrated Artificial Intelligence Platform

Software Tools

Deloitte Launches "Reimagine Risk Sensing" Built on SAP
Introduction to
First Steps with TensorFlow: Toolkit
Uber's Ludwig makes deep learning more understandable for amateurs and faster for experts
Wikipedia: What is CLIPS?
Wikipedia: Drools - Definition
Wikipedia: OpenL Definition Wikipedia


A Wave of Purpose-Built AI Hardware Is Building
Deploying artificial intelligence at the tactical edge for next-gen combat vehicles
Neural Computing on a stick: deep learning hardware becomes affordable

Commercial Examples

Smart Homes

How AI is transforming Home Automation
The Future of Smart Homes - Homes Powered by Artificial Intelligence Will Know and Care For You

Retail and Hospitality

8 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing Retail
The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence in Hotel Industry

Health and Medical

UCLA Adopts Microsoft AI Tool to Advance Precision Medicine
Improving patient care through AI and blockchain
No longer science fiction, AI and robotics are transforming healthcare
Top 10 advancements in health around the world thanks to AI


3 Ways AI Is Working to Improve Agriculture
Data Becomes Cash Crop for Big Agriculture
Forbes: How IoT And Big Data Analytics Can Make Our Food Safer

Disaster Management

Artificial Intelligence for Disaster Relief - A Primer
Wired: How Artificial Intelligence Could Prevent Natural Disasters
Microsoft: Using AI and IoT for disaster management

Autonomous Vehicles

Self-driving Car - Definition WhatIs
Tech Trends 2019 - Driverless Cars and Augmented Reality
Driverless car innovation has sped ahead of regulation
In a driverless future, virtual car accidents save lives

Government Uses

White House

White House: National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource Task Force


Wired: The Pentagon Inches Toward Letting AI Control Weapons
Cracking the Code on Adversarial Machine Learning


Navy Revolutionizing Readiness

Air Force

AI Could Enable 'Swarm Warfare' for Tomorrow's Fighter Jets
Project Maven moves to ABMS to showcase technologies in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning
Air Force eyes SWaP-optimized artificial intelligence embedded computing
Air Force researchers ask industry for SWaP-constrained embedded computing AI
Air Force picks four U.S. contractors to build unmanned combat aircraft with artificial intelligence (AI)


DARPA to Increase Artificial Intelligence IQ
DARPA wants to make AI a collaborative partner for national defense


DIA Provides Vision of New Data and Analytics Approach Called MARS


DISA Drafting Artificial Intelligence
DISA Calls on Industry to Build Transparency into Artificial Intelligence


IARPA Is Trying Keep Adversaries from Corrupting AI Tools


3 Ways Intelligence Agencies Are Using AI
NSA is experimenting with machine learning concepts its workforce will trust
NSA Research Director Wants Accelerated AI to Augment Human Analysis


NIST and Artificial Intelligence
Summary of the 2018 DoD AI Strategy - Harnessing AI to Advance Our Security and Prosperity
Executive Order on Maintaining American Leadership in Artificial Intelligence
NIST Final-Big Data-Framework Will Help Make Sense of Our Data-Drenched Age
NIST Special Publication 1500-4 Big Data Interoperability Framework: Volume 4, Security and Privacy


NSF: Robust Intelligence RI
NSF: Program on Fairness in Artificial Intelligence in Collaboration with Amazon (FAI)

National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence

NSCAI: Final Report: National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence

Trends - 2019 and Beyond

The Next Generation of Artificial Intelligence
5 Data and AI Trends for 2019 Enterprise programs and Culture
A Realistic Look at Where AI is Going in 2019
9 Artificial Intelligence Trends You Should Keep An Eye On In 2019

AI Research

Wikipedia: New AI improves itself through Darwinian-style evolution
Wikipedia: Automatic Machine Learning
Automated Machine Learning
A Beginner's Guide to Automated Machine Learning & AI
Did a Person Write This Headline, or a Machine?
Neuro-symbolic AI seen as evolution of artificial intelligence
Neuro-symbolic A.I. is the future of artificial intelligence. Here's how it works
What Is Neuro-Symbolic AI And Why Are Researchers Gushing Over It
The future of deep-reinforcement learning, our contemporary AI superhero
Elon Musk-backed OpenAI to release text tool it called dangerous?
Meet the AI that can write
OpenAI Bot Writes a Blog, Wows BitcoinTalk with "Intelligent' Posts"
OpenAI's GPT-3 may be the biggest thing since bitcoin
OpenAI's latest AI text generator GPT-3 amazes early adopters
Artificial General Intelligence will not resemble human intelligence



The Foundations of AI Are Riddled With Errors
The Achilles' Heel of AI
Clean data for machine learning is key to successful AI


AAAS: Machine learning 'causing science crisis'
AI researcher argues machine learning discoveries require checking


Why a data scientist warns against always trusting AIs scientific discoveries
The Dark Secret at the Heart of AI


AI Standards - NIST
Why Standards Are Critical to Improving Artificial Intelligence
Five Standards for Responsible AI Use


How Should AI Be Regulated?
How to Regulate Artificial Intelligence
Should AI Technology Be Regulated Yes and Here's How


AI Can Be Made Legally Accountable for Its Decisions
Can We Make Artificial Intelligence Accountable?
Solving the AI Accountability Gap


Top AI researchers race to detect deepfake videos: We are outgunned
In cybersecurity it is AI vs AI - Will the good guys or the bad guys win?
Hacker AI vs. Enterprise AI: A New Threat


The Dark Side of Big Tech's Funding for AI Research
Google Offers to Help Others With the Tricky Ethics of AI
The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
16 Uncomfortable Questions Everyone Needs to Ask About Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence and Ethics


GPT-3, explained: This new language AI is uncanny, funny - and a big deal
A reflection on artificial intelligence singularity
Artificial General Intelligence: The steps to true AI
OpenAI finds machine learning efficiency is outpacing Moore's Law
Physicists Must Engage with AI Ethics, Now
Some Thoughts on Artificial Intelligence Singularity

Decision Process

10 Steps to Adopting Artificial Intelligence in Your Business
Five steps to put AI into practice
Key Steps for Building an Effective AI Organization


AI pilot projects: How to choose wisely
How to select an AI pilot project - 5 criteria
How to Choose Your First AI Project
Key Steps for Building an Effective AI Organization
Why Your AI Pilot Fails to Launch
What Should You Do If Your Marketing AI Pilot Project Fails?


10 Steps to Adopting Artificial Intelligence in Your Business
Five steps to put AI into practice
How to Move from Experimentation to Building Production Machine Learning Applications
AI in Production: A Roadmap for Success
Preparing Your Organization for Implementing an AI Platform
AI Is Here, But How to Deploy It?
AI for Enterprise: How to get started from concept to deployment