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Disruptive Technology

Wikipedia: Blockchain
Are we headed for a blockchain revolution - Maybe so
4 Things That Made Blockchain the Most Disruptive Tech in Decades
451 Research

2019 Predictions

4 Major Blockchain Trends to Watch for in 2019
2019 will be a continued reiteration of how people are using blockchain Hyperledger
How Blockchain Will Change the Data Supply Chain - Syncsort's Predictions
Is blockchain headed for a roadblock in 2019?
Predictions 2019 - Steady Evolution in Blockchain Will Continue Unless Disillusionment Causes A "Winter"
Top 5 blockchain predictions for 2019
Blockchain And Crypto Leaders Share Their 2019 Industry Predictions
Blockchain in 2019 and beyond: 5 predictions


NISTIR 8202, Blockchain Technology Overview Final 03 Oct 2018
Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System
How to Time-Stamp a Digital Document
Ledger Framework Taxonomy
Private and Verifiable Smart Contracts on Blockchains
Understanding What Blockchain Technology Is - Its Importance and Structure

Commercial Examples


Private, Permissioned Blockchain - The way forward in banking and financial
Bank of America Applies for Blockchain-Based Encrypted Crypto Storage System Patent
The World Bank Issues a Bond That Relies On Blockchain Technology - Start to Finish
Our Blockchain Can Run the Whole Company, Says Mastercard Vice Chair
Experts - IT Infrastructure of Finance Must Be Replaced If Blockchain to Be Adopted
Finance and blockchains
Mastercard Opens-Up Access to Blockchain API for Partner Banks and Merchants

Supply Chain Management

How the blockchain can save our food
Food Safety or How the blockchain can save our food IBM Blogs
Walmart is going to use blockchain to stop the spread of E. coli and other diseases in lettuce
IBM and Walmart: Blockchain for Food Safety
How Will Blockchain Change the Consumer Goods Industry?
Deloitte: Retail and CPG industries poised to take advantage in age of blockchain
5 Reasons Why Blockchain Will Be a Boon for Consumer Goods
Maersk and IBM to Form Joint Venture using Blockchain to Improve Global Trade
Blockchain for the EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) Supply Chain
How Technology Impacts the Electronic Component Supply Chain
Smart Contracts and Blockchain in the Electronics Industry

Health Care

Why COVID-19 makes a compelling case for the wider integration of blockchain
Blockchain and its Impact on Epidemiology for COVID-19
NYC Hospitals Turn to IBM's Blockchain Tech for COVID-19 Relief
Five Ways Blockchain Tech Can Help Us During This Pandemic
Blockchain - Reshaping Clinical Performance for The Digital Age
Seven Ways Blockchain Will Change Your Health Care Experience
Medibloc -Protecting medical records with blockchain
Medicalchain - Securely Store and Share Electronic Health Records
Blockchain Being Used to Save Lives Amidst Opioid Epidemic
How blockchain healthcare is advancing the management of medical records
Improving patient care through AI and blockchain


Blockchain applications in energy consumption
Blockchain- the bane and blessing of energy consumption
Bitcoin and blockchain gulp an exorbitant amount of energy - engineers are trying to change that
Blockchain Could Help Bring Renewable Energy to the Power Grid, Experts Tell Congress
Solving The Carbon Problem One Blockchain at A Time
Blockchain - Impediments to transformative disruption
Blockchains Scaling Problem Explained
When You Hear Blockchain is not Ready for Scale – Here is What That Means


Verizon embraces blockchain for cybersecurity
Advancing blockchain cybersecurity: Policy recommendations for growth and innovation
Do Blockchains Have Anything to Offer Identity?
Can Blockchain Improve Digital Identification?
Can Blockchain Solve Identity Fraud?
How Will Blockchain Impact PKI?
Blockchain and The IoT: 4 Important Benefits of Combining These Two Mega Trends
Blockchain and the IoT - 2 of the 5 elements that will change your world
Blockchain Must Adapt to Build Trust in the Internet of Things
Cybersecurity Blockchain and The Industrial Internet of Things
Integrated Care - IoT Technology and Blockchain - An Update

Real Estate

How Blockchain Can Reshape the Mortgage Industry
The Blockchain for Real Estate, Explained

Commercial Products

Oracle rolls out its own blockchain service
How IBM will use blockchain as its commerce backbone uses IBM blockchain to give you the right to control your personal data
Amazon joins list of blockchain-as-a-service providers
Microsoft Is Connecting Its Major Products to Blockchain Here's Why
Apple and blockchain? Yeah, that might be a thing
Blockstream Launches 5th Satellite Streaming Bitcoin Blockchain from Space
Blockstream Satellite Now Means Most of the World Can Use Bitcoin Without Internet
Rider University: Blockchain for Business: How This Booming Technology is Benefiting Corporations

Government Initiatives

Government Applications

Can Blockchain Technology Help the Department of Defense Protect its Supply Chain?
The Pentagon Has the Worlds Largest Logistics Problem - Blockchain Can Help
US Government Seeks Blockchain Solutions for Contract Bidding System
Oracle rolls out its own blockchain service
DoD interest in developing Secure Messaging Platform
DHS looks to startups for blockchain solutions
How The NSA Can Use Blockchain to Connect the Dots Securely with Smart Contracts
NSA Research Sponsors Special Award for Young Scientists and Engineers
DARPA and Advancing Cybersecurity Infrastructure with Blockchain
DARPA Secure Messaging Platform
DARPA and ITAMCO to Develop Blockchain-Based Secure Messaging App for U.S. Military
West Virginia tries blockchain-based mobile voting
Blockchain in government: Making operations more efficient
The Impact of Block Chain for Government
Blockchains in National Defense -Trustworthy Systems in a Trustless World
Government has the foundation to make blockchain its secret defense
CDC is Testing Blockchain to Monitor the Country’s Health in Real Time
For Security Agencies, blockchain goes from suspect to potential solution – Securing Shared Data
IARPA Could the Intelligence Community use Blockchain to solve data protection challenges
These 5 Blockchain Solutions Could Restore Your Optimism in the Technology
Why blockchain belongs in government

Government Rules, Regulations, Policy, Standards

NIST: Draft White Paper: A Taxonomic Approach to Understanding Emerging Blockchain Identity Management Systems
Blockchain: Background and Policy Issues
A bill would establish an interagency commission to help vet supply chain cybersecurity risks
Congress on the Blockchain
What to Expect When Congress Talks Blockchain Tuesday
Emerging Technology Atlas - Blockchain Forum 18 Jul 2017
To Unleash Blockchains Potential Government Must Direct Its Growth


Blockchains Scaling Problem, Explained
When You Hear Blockchain is not Ready for Scale Here is What That Means
Energy Web Foundation (EWF) Has a Fix for Blockchains Biggest Problem
Bitcoin and blockchain consume great amounts of energy. Engineers are trying to change that
Blockchain- the bane and blessing of energy consumption
How secure is blockchain really?
Blockchain security: What keeps your transaction data safe?
Regulatory Uncertainty Is Largest Impediment to Blockchain Adoption
DHS - Blockchain lack of standards creating 'tension' between tech Providers and agencies
After a stressful election experts warn blockchain is not the answer
Four Blockchain Myths – Debunked
New Report - Execs Say Blockchain Adoption Has Been Harder Than Expected
The truth about blockchain
Why Is It So Hard to Trust a Blockchain
Why Bitcoin Is Bad for the Environment

Decision Approach

Is There a Business Case For Blockchain?
ACT-IAC White Paper - Blockchain Playbook for the U.S. Federal Government
How to Test the Waters Before Diving into Blockchain
Blockchain Playbook Online - beta
Challenges and Practical Implementation of Blockchain
To Blockchain or Not to Blockchain: The Decision Tree with the Answer
3 Blockchain Questions to Ask Prior to Adoption
How to make the case for blockchain - 5 steps
Why Use a Blockchain