Server Infrastructure

Server Infrastructure

The success of mobile computing devices is enabled by their killer applications. Users of these applications benefit in many ways that are specific to the individual company's business model. The core of these applications and business models is the individual company's back-end server infrastructure. The capabilities hosted on these servers are also major factors enabling today's mobile computing. Although the operation of these servers, databases, and applications are transparent to the users, they are essential for many of today's popular applications. The increasing dependency of mobile devices on their corresponding back-end server infrastructures is driving the increasing demand for wireless communication bandwidth.

Understanding this dependency is important in assessing the applicability of mobile computing devices to closed infrastructures such as classified networks without access to the Internet-based server infrastructures. By their nature, many of these back-end services cannot be fully replicated on closed infrastructures.

Apple Data Centers

Apple Data Center

Apple operates major data centers in Cupertino and Newark, California and in Maiden, North Carolina. These data centers host critical operational services for the registration, application installation, and core functionality of iOS mobile computing. The game-changing Siri voice recognition service is enabled by Apple's back-end servers connected to mobile devices over high-bandwidth networks. These data centers also host Apple's cloud computing services that are tailored to the capabilities of iOS devices and Macintosh computers.

Google Data Centers

Google Data Center

Google operates major data centers in Berkeley County South Carolina, Council Bluffs Iowa, Douglas County Georgia, Mayes Count Oklahoma, Lenoir North Carolina, The Dalles Oregon, Hamina Finland, St Ghislain Belgium, Hong Kong China, and Singapore. These data centers host the massive data base servers powering Google's search, and other leading Internet applications.

RIM Data Centers

RIM Data Center

RIM operates data centers in Waterloo, Ontario Canada, Mississauga, Ontario Canada, Alpharetta, Georgia, Bellevue, Washington, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, San Diego, California, Irving, Texas, Netherlands, Berkshire, Great Britain, North Rhine, Germany, and Sao Paulo, Brazil, among others. These data centers host RIM's Blackberry enterprise servers and other components of the RIM operational enterprise.

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