Conclusions and Summary


In this topic we have provided an overview of Supply Chain Risk Management from end-to-end and at the micro and macro-level. Some topics include links pages containing more details, if desired.

Micro-level topics are primarily addressed on the SCRM Solutions page but are also of significant concern in all macro-level discussions. Macro-level topics of interest appear on the SCRM Problems, Supply Chain Management, Risk Mitigation and Governance pages.


Supply Chain Risk Management is a high-ranking priority concern for commercial and government organizations. Disruptions in the supply chain can create far reaching and potentially devastating and often unforeseen consequences. Applying risk management techniques to the supply chain to eliminate, avoid, mitigate, or diminish the impact of a disruption is a high-priority and fast-growing field of interest in the commercial and government environment. Additionally, recognition of the sophisticated and continuously expanding list of vulnerabilities and threats to the supply chain presents a rich opportunity for research and supports the production of innovative protection and identification techniques.

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