Supply Chain Risk Management

Securing the Supply Chain for Information and Communications Technology is critical to the security of any organization.

The discussions in this topic are intended to provide an initial overview for any interested reader, not just a technical professional. It is designed as a quick read for a decision-maker or other interested reader anyone who needs an quick understanding of the topic at a high level or for a decision-maker who needs to get up-to-speed.

This topic provides an understanding of the Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) topic, including definitions, insights into the nature of the problem and solutions. It also introduces the related concept of Supply Chain Management (SCM), risk mitigation, governance, and a conclusion and summary.

This topic is organized into the following sections, which may be navigated using the topic menus on the right of the screen.

  • Introduction provides an overview to the Supply Chain Risk Management topic including reasons to understand and mitigate the risks inherent in acquiring and operating the systems and their components.
  • Supply Chain Definition describes the Supply Chain and system involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer.
  • SCRM Problem describes the nature and composition of the SCRM problem.
  • SCRM Solutions introduces an overview of the primary solution approaches.
  • Supply Chain Management discusses Supply Chain Management and the activities that respond to end-user and organizational needs to ensure the security of the product.
  • Risk Mitigation discusses the methods of mitigating supply chain risks where they cannot be avoided, transferred, or accepted.
  • Governance discusses the integrated set of capabilities and measures that are used to implement an SCRM program within an organization.
  • Conclusions and Summary, provides a synopsis of the topic and summary of the major points.

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